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"I became familiar with Ms Hendricks books having reviewed what I would class as her more sweet romances and, becoming a fan, looked forward to reading this. I was apprehensive, however, in part because of the setting and because I had no idea if Ms Hendricks could do suspense.

"My fears were unfounded. This book made my stomach twist, my heart leap into my mouth and all the great things that a wonderful story can do to you. I worried that it might be too heavy politically, but the story line was strong without drowning out the most important part - the romance.

"I love tortured heroes and Jase is the ultimate one! Essentially honourable, if jaded by life, the beautiful DC tests him to the limits. He wants her, maybe even loves her, but knows he couldn't possibly fulfil her desires. In his desire to protect her, he also wants to protect her from himself. Occasionally I felt like giving him a kick up the backside, especially when he was callous with DC, but for the most part it was balanced out by his fear that he simply wasn't good enough for her.

"DC was a great heroine too. I get a little sick of these feisty females who can do everything, cope with everything and not show an ounce of fear. While she retains her strength, she shows a realistic and sensible amount of fear in the face of danger. She pulls on her courage to drive her through and I thought Ms Hendricks balanced this nicely, giving us a likeable women that most people would admire and feel sympathy for.

"The love scenes were not particularly drawn out - I tend to like mine quite long and detailed - but they were sexy and sensual and well-timed. The story sucked me in and kept me gripped as I prayed for them to make it through their ordeal alive and for them to finally understand one another. With the addition of a country in turmoil and some mercenaries on their tail, Tango in Paradise is a thrilling, beautiful tale of romance and suspense, melded perfectly as one. High up on my recommendations list."

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