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For love, any man can be a hero.


What are you going to do when you are a man odds with your reality? What do you do when your one true fantasy comes to life in front of your eyes? What do you do when you are a near true introvert and you are forced back into the public eye in ways you really think would set you out of your own skin? Do you really think you can survive having to face life when you have more fears than reason?

Brandon Davis is a creative author and renown for his series of a far away land with kings, sorcerers, toil, survival and one woman that would change her lands fate by destroying the man that tries to rule in terror after killing her family.

Serilda D'Lar is the warrior woman after 'Xena's' own heart. She's got the gusto to open not only threaten a beating on you but open the can of whipass herself and deliver it in such copious amounts.

Brandon hates people and hates life. He likes being unseen and living in a quiet place in his own head. He doesn't realize his family descends from those with the power to blur the lines of fantasy and reality their will. His grandmother warns him as a young man that this is why his father disappeared.

His ability helps him create the perfect woman for him. She's strong, independent, intelligent, fierce in her love for those that reach her heart. To bad she's in his head and only alive to the rest of humanity in a book. At least until the she's appears with a bolt of lightening in his room with her sword drawn, enough to scare the crap out of the heartiest of people.

Shes with him for a short time and she swears that she's Serilda. She knows nothing else but her world and her confusion in this new techo-mage home that is so far removed from her beloved homelands. Then out of nowhere she poofs away.

Once Brandon has a taste of what is more real to him than the crap life he lives he is willing to go to any lengths to protect it and keep it close to his heart. Once Serilda disappears as fast as she appeared he's got no choice but to believe she's a true part of his imagination come to life. Once he accepts that he has to figure out anyway to get to her and give her a reason to live as the biggest thing in the book is the ways he's come up with to kill her.

Will Serilda survive the many ways Brandon kills her off? Will Brandon be able to write a saving grace and change Serilda'a chosen destiny? Will he be able to over come his own fears and tack her across realities to bring them both the one chance at love they have lacked?

Find out why the Pen is mightier than the sword because until you do you will always wonder how it can be possible....

- Lisa J. Philpot

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