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Star Crash was the winner of the 2006 Maryland Romance Writers'
Reveal Your Inner Vixen contest.

Book One of The Star Chronicles

From the wreckage of the past 

rose a brighter hope for Cora’s future.


When her beloved Alex apparently died in a crash, Cora Daniels lost her will to live. She became reckless driving her space vessel Freedom and keeping up repairs as if she planned a suicide crash deep in her subconscious.

When the Freedom finally fails, Cora, using all her skills, manages a safe emergency landing on an unknown planet. Aliens capture her and take her to a prison encampment where she meets other humanoid species who are being forced into breeding by their guards who believe humans are dumb beasts of burden. Cora vows to escape, but is stunned when she sees Alex is one of the prisoners. He does not remember her or anything before his captivity. However, she now has a reason to live free as she plans to liberate her, Alex and the others.

Obviously reminiscent of Planet of the Apes, STAR CRASH is an interesting romantic science fiction that is at its best when readers obtain insight into the aliens and how they see humans as being beneath them. However, when the plot turns to sexual encounters, it decelerates as these trysts feel unnecessary. Still fans who appreciate outer space encounters of the first kind will enjoy Elysa Hendricks' entertaining look at comparative anthropology from ET's perspective.

Harriet Klausner

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