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The reviews are in. Her Wild Texas Heart is a hit!

"HER WILD TEXAS HEART (previously published as Rawhide Surrender) is a romantic tale that takes you into the untamed Wild West, with characters that are brought vividly to life in the descriptive narrative. All of the characters come across as believable in their actions for this time period. There are several side plots that blend smoothly in with the main plot. HER WILD TEXAS HEART is an adventurous story with light and dark moments. I found it an entertaining read. With every page I turned I became more involved in the story. If you are a lover of Western Historicals I am sure you will find this an enjoyable read."
~ Carol Durfee, Romance Communications

"HER WILD TEXAS HEART (previously published as Rawhide Surrender) is an engrossing book set in the Old West. I was soon caught up in this story of strong characters - KC fighting her past and Christopher fighting his present. Some of the details were explicit, more than I needed to know, but didn't detract overall. For lovers of romantic westerns, this is a must-read." 4-1/2 Stars!
~ Scribes World Reviews

"HER WILD TEXAS HEART (previously published as Rawhide Surrender) gallops into our imagination and lassos our affection for two strong characters and their gritty new love. This book's a lusty silver."
 ~ Bridges Romance Magazine


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